Green Coast Resort – The Future of Luxury Resorts!

Green Coast Resort – The Future of Luxury Resorts!

This magical coastal oasis is a true heaven on the Ionian coast!

The “Green Coast Luxury Resort” is being built in the wonderful landscape and fresh air of Palasa, on the coast of the Ionian Sea, one of the most beautiful beaches on the Albanian Riviera.


Lying on an area of 20 hectares, this mega project is one of the best resorts in Albania and the Balkan region. The resort combines residential and tourism buildings offering a variety of villas and apartments, thus making it unique in Albania. An important part of this project is the Lungomare, a seaside promenade that will function as an entertainment and business center.

This Luxury Resort will feature a 5 star hotel that will also be distanced from the residential area. According to official sources from Green Coast, the hotel will be an international brand of the best standards. “Green Coast Hotel” will offer you the true dimension of luxury. A special construction combining modern architecture with the typical elements of the Albanian Riviera area, built with high quality and designed for full comfort, it will offer a selected service to its’ privileged customers. The hotel will welcome visitors throughout the year, so guests will enjoy the nature of this wonderful place during all seasons.

One of the main advantages of this resort is its strategic location, which in addition to the beauty of the nature, also provides proximity to other touristic locations rich in historical and cultural values. Here we mention Vlora and Saranda that are about 1 hour away, or Himara that can be reached within 30 minutes’ drive.

The location at the resort also provides great opportunities for sport lovers to indulge in various sports activities, such as sailing, diving, canoeing, parachuting or exploring the sublime and almost untapped underwater world. The professional guides will be hired to organize tourist trips around the villages, taste the exquisite local foods, enjoy the scenery, and visit archeological places and other historical sites. Green Coast Luxury Resort will offer for its inhabitants or hotel guests in the winter, the possibility of doing winter sports =with special dedicated areas.

Green Coast is the project under development that will bring a new standard in the Albanian tourism with dedicated and specialized services; a high quality of life and besides all will offer new investment opportunities for its current and future investors.

Green Coast management team is offering to all investors and buyers either local or international the possibility of getting a quick return for their investments by introducing two concepts well known “Property Share” and “Renting Program”.

Property Share

What is Property Share- “Property Share” is a joint ownership investment where two or more individuals can buy a property, by applying different percentage sums totaling to the amount of the unit they are interested. . The rights and obligations between the co-owners are divided based on these quotas, including the acquisition of the ownership’s title with regular documentation. The property purchased using this scheme may be used for personal or business purposes.  This way the individuals who cannot afford to get one unit on their own will be able to have the property and benefit from having it while sharing it with family members or friends as co-owners.


What is “Renting Programme” – Renting Programme or is a program (possibility) aimed at the quick return of investment for every owner any unit who is willing to sublet their villa or apartment. Once agreed, the household owner and Green Coast sign a management agreement based on which Green Coast will find tenants to rent the unit of the owner according to a predetermined plan approved by the owner where the days used for personal purposes are excluded from this agreement. . This program, completely managed by the Green Coast administration office, will be available to all unit owners in Green Coast as an offered service, for both sole owners and co-owners through Property Share.

The most interesting part for Green Coast residents is certainly the combination of both investment programs in order to get the best out of their properties: to be owners at a luxury resort and to have a return of investment within a short time.

Foreign investors’ eye of – Green Coast Luxury Resort!

Many international tourism magazines are mentioning Albania’s progress in terms of standards of living and tourism. One of them was the Vanity Fair, which recently dedicated many pages to the Albanian tourism. It is obvious that international tourists love and identification of Luxury resorts and Green Coast presents an excellent choice for them. The number of tourists visiting Albania is growing and so is their tendency to consider Albania not only a holiday destination, but also as a destination to live and invest. “Green Coast Luxury Resort” is an excellent opportunity for everyone, welcoming all foreign investors who are looking for the most beautiful and luxurious resort that guarantees a quick return of investment.

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