GlobalG.AP in Albania “ticket” for agricultural exports to the EU

GlobalG.AP in Albania “ticket” for agricultural exports to the EU

Albania has the potential to increase the export of fruits and vegetables to EU destinations, as they are the highest value markets. But for fresh fruits and vegetables to reach such markets as Germany, Switzerland or France, Albanian producers and exports will have to meet a set of standards set by supermarket chains.

In an interview with ATSH, Sokol Stafa, an expert in the field of certification and standards, explains that GLOBALG.AP is one of the most important standards for manufacturers known earlier as EUREPGAP.


This standard, says Stafa, approved and recognized by line institutions around the world, sets standards and voluntary certification procedures for good agricultural practices, backed by the Ministry of Agriculture and foreign donors.

According to him, GLOBALG.AP was originally created by a chain of European supermarket chains. The standard aims to increase consumer confidence in food safety by developing good agricultural practices that need to be approved by producers.

GLOBALG.AP’s focus is on food safety and traceability though it includes some demands for worker safety, health, well-being and environmental protection. GLOBALG.AP certification should be renewed annually. The certificate covers the process of certified goods before planting the seed until leaving the farm, says Stafa.

News Source: ATA

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