GLOBAL WOMAN, an Opportunity for Albanian Women to Continue Mother Teresa ‘s Legacy of Giving and Sharing

GLOBAL WOMAN, an Opportunity for Albanian Women to Continue Mother Teresa ‘s Legacy of Giving and Sharing

By Rudina HOXHA

Before the Global Woman Forum in Tirana, due on September 8-9, 2018 at the premises of Mak Albania Hotel, the three ‘pillars’ of Mrs. Mirela Sula, the Founder of Global Woman, namely Giovana Vega, Connie-Lee Bennett and Ellen Bjerkehag share with Follow Business Albania what they think about this event and their expectations about the outcome of it.


Giovana Vega, Founder of Trading for Women, National Director at Global Woman Club The Netherlands and Global Woman Club Director in Amsterdam

More Insights for Albanian Women to Create the Lives They Want to Create


I am visiting Tirana, Albania for the second time and my personal perspective about everything here is

that I see that there is a lot of need for the women to have examples from other women leaders. As you know, I am also the the National Director of Global Woman Club Holland. What I have seen there is that women are very independent, ready to take actions and they do things to start mostly focusing on developing themselves, creating their own businesses and being independent. That’s why I believe that if we can bring that perspective into Albania by empowering women and guiding them to find the way in create their lives in the way that they can live in their full potential and fulfillment.

I think it is very important that they can see that there are new possibilities, sectors, where women can be successful, however they need to follow a process before they achieve their final result. Women can become great leaders, that is by sure. In my personal opinion there is a need for more soft values in the system, we need to practice more values like compassion, collaboration, suportness. In two words , focus in female values in order to bring balance in this world. We, women have a lot of potential inside us but we need to make sure that there is a community; there is a group of ladies that can empower them as well. So, what I expect from the Global Woman Event  in Tirana this year is that women are going to get a lot of insights, connection, education, and fun.

So for them, I think it is a very great opportunity to come and join us in this two-day event because they are not going to enjoy only the networking with the local and international community but even to share the insights that I mention above. They are going to get new opportunities, to go out of their comfort zone and start creating the lives that they want to create. That’s what I expect from the women to get from this event: more insights to create the lives they want to create.


Being aware of the need to empower women through education in the financial markets; Giovana Vega’s goal is to lead women into achieving their highest potential through the trading sector. With a passionate and adventurous personality; Peruvian, Giovana Vega decided to take a chance and reach for the unknown when she decided to drop out of law school and move to Madrid. She began studying marketing and met the love of her life with whom she later moved to the Netherlands. She completed her studies in book keeping, and found a job in a major cacao and coffee trading company in Amsterdam; where she worked for over 14 years in the finance and controlling department. It is here where her curiosity for understanding how the financial market operates was born and it is also, during this period, that she realized the advantageous position that women possess due to their intrinsic qualities.

In 2016, she successfully concluded her trading program as a Trader of the Foreign Exchange Market and received her certificate from the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos and at the ForexDuet Academy, in Madrid. And, ever since, she has made it her mission to challenge frontiers by enthusing women to create wealth through the financial markets and taking an active role in its operations. As founder of Trading for Women, she has been taking her mission as a speaker on many international forums.

Currently, Giovana, is preparing for the launching of her first book: “TRADING FOR SUCCESS” which will be available on all formats in October 2018..


Connie-Lee Bennett, CEO and Founder of MERAKI CLB GROUP, Paris Club Director at Global Woman – France

This is the Chance to Really Begin to Step into Who you are as an Authentic Leader


You can change the World! I was not surprised to hear that Mother Teresa was Albanian because I moment I met these incredible Albanian women I saw the same values reflected in their hearts. In order to change the world, I believe we need to be willing to be open to personal growth and to contribute.  These two steps to changing the world I see already in the hearts of many of the women I have met here in Albania.

The Albanian women are now ready to be the Authentic Leaders they have always been destined to be and have never been allowed to be.  They are ready to firstly, grow into their soul’s purpose, their unique destinies. They are hungry to learn who they authentically are. Secondly, the Albanian women have always had open hearts and have contributed to others. Their warmth and openness has been an inspiration to me. I think that they have the heart of GIVERS.

Now is their time! Now is the opportunity for them to really begin to take the next steps on their personal journey within, in their personal growth to feel fulfilled, to feel confident, to take their own power back and to be aware of where they have given that power over to society, to men, to other people and to themselves. The Albanian women are ready to take these next steps. This is what I feel the women are going to get from this Conference: an opportunity to grow and empower themselves as women and then to learn how to empower other woman and learn how to contribute in a way that continues that beautiful legacy that Mother Teresa started in Albania, that is really giving the power when we work together, there is more energy in the growth of giving, in the growth of empowerment. Together we have more power to change the world.



Connie-Lee Bennett is the CEO of Meraki CLB Group and fabulous founder of the Meraki Therapy healing technique and the Meraki online academy with the aim of bringing holistic psychotherapy to the awareness of modern society.  She loves to ask “who are you?” and encourages her clients to rediscover their own answers. Her methods are so effective because she works to uncover the root of her client’s pain and once the source is identified she provides the tools to help her client’s design a life of fulfilment. 


Currently writing her third book, Connie practices Holistic psychotherapy (in which she was voted the ‘Best in Paris’ in 2016 via Expatriates Magazine) and Heal Your Life® coaching both online and one-to-one, leads certified Heal Your Life® workshops, is an international public speaker, a Radio Personality on Expat Radio, has appeared on International TV, international radio and featured in International Magazines and has co-authored and authored over 6 books. She is also the Regional Director of the Global Woman’s Magazine Club in Paris and the host of the Global Woman TV Paris Show.  Find out more at and


Ellen Bjerkehag, Entrepreneur and Network Specialist, Sales and Marketing Director at Global Woman Magazine, National Director for Global Woman Club Scandinavia. 

We all know more than we know that we know.


How we think, how we act shapes our present and our future. Since we all know more than we know that we know, this Conference will not be about learning new things, it will build your confidence and higher your awareness of everything you already learned in life. Everything in life is personal development. We learn from all our experience but if we don’t take moments to reflect over what we have learned, all this knowledge will stay in our unconscious mind. 

When we reflect on the things we have done in life, everything we learned, we discover that we know more than we know that we know. What I mean by that is that we discover the power and knowledge that we already have within. It not always about creating new, its about using what we already have. 

I think it is very important what Global Woman does: making the local, global and the global, local. The planet is our home and we all should be more connected with each other. Here all the Albanian women can, throw Global Woman, get a global across the world just by visiting our event here. We are going to have many women traveling from all over Europe and USA, and this is what happens in all our event. With the social media and the Internet connection we have, it is easier to stay connected, build relations and even businesses online. 

As Connie said before, the women in Albania already have so much within them. May be what they lack, like most of us, is just the confidence and the belief in themselves. As I said; we don’t know what we know until we know it. That’s what I see all over the world. Women are competent enough, all they need is confidence to make it. Believe me, with the power of connections and the support of Global Woman Community, everything is possible. This is the OPPORTUNITY of this Conference and I am so glad to be here. Albania is a beautiful country. 



Ellen Bjerkehag is an entrepreneur and network specialist from Sweden, known for her unique way of creating partnerships and collaborations. She says that Life is all about the people you have in your life, the relationships and partnership you create. As one of the pioneers of Global Woman Club, a global network for women in business, she has collected priceless experience of building relationships with women all over the world.

She is the Founder and CEO of Connected Companies, a company that help other companies to grow and connect with new markets, also she is co-founder of CC-Academy that help entrepreneurs to create passive income through Audiobooks and Online Education. She is business partner in the Nasdaq listed Direct Sales company Zinzino where she leads and coach a sales team spread across Europe.

As the Marketing and Sales Director of Global Woman and Global Man Magazine, Ellen has experience of communication, negotiation sales and marketing globally. She is also highly involved in planning and running Events across Europe. 

She speaks about ‘the power of network’ since this is one of the biggest keys to her success.

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