GDT launches the national implementation of the Risk Management Plan in the Bar – Restaurant sector

GDT launches the national implementation of the Risk Management Plan in the Bar – Restaurant sector

The General Directorate of Taxes has started the implementation at national level of a risk management plan in the bar-restaurant sector, in order to raise awareness of taxpayers for correct self-declaration. 

This Plan is designed with the close assistance of the International Monetary Fund, which will also follow its implementation, bringing for the first time in Albania the tax practice of risk management with contemporary methodology.


With this approach the DPT intends to communicate to taxpayers in this sector the benefits of accurate tax declaration to strengthen their conviction that the law is the same for all.

This sector has been selected after the analytical assessment of their tax declarations, as a category of risk to fulfillment, whose formalization is closely related to other sectors such as tourism, trade, services, etc.

About 14,000 taxpayers in this sector will be encouraged and assisted in fulfilling the obligations correctly, as well as self-correcting them, reflecting the actual activity they are exercising. 

Taxpayers of this sector across the country will be made aware, each in a personalized way, on their incorrect declaration indicators, raising awareness of the problems, causes and consequences of inaccurate declarations.

“Our goal is not to penalize, but to take their commitment to fulfillment in the future – a correct taxpayer has nothing to worry about. If they deliberately choose not to be, then the Tax Administration will proceed with the assessments according to the legislation in force “, – said the General Director of Taxation, Ento Duro during the statement for the media. 

This process will continue systematically, while we will be in constant communication with the media to share its performance.

News Source: GDT

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