GDT, committed to cooperating in enforcing the decision to ban plastic bags

GDT, committed to cooperating in enforcing the decision to ban plastic bags

The General Directorate of Taxation is one of the co-operating institutions for the implementation of the Albanian Government’s decision to stop the production, import and use of plastic bags for the purpose of protecting the environment. 

In the meeting held by the Ministry of Tourism and the Environment, with the specialized implementation units, General Director of Taxation Mrs. Vassilika Vjero underlined the fact that the tax administration supports this initiative and has focused on elements such as education, entrepreneurship formalization and guaranteeing income.


“We will extend our cooperation with the structures of the National Environmental Agency, the National Environmental Inspectorate and the Central Technical Inspectorate in terms of collecting and managing information on the amount of plastic carrying bags. Currently our units are operating on the ground, in cooperation with the local government structures, “said Ms. Vjero. 

The Tax Administration will focus on all operators (70 entities in total) who produce plastic bags or plastic products, as well as the subjects that sell them.
Also, the tax administration calls on entities to show these products only against payment that should be clearly identified in the tax coupon or tax invoice. Territorial controls or announced fiscal visits will be exercised to ensure law enforcement.

News Source: GDT

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