Fusion BPO invests in Albania

Fusion BPO invests in Albania

Fusion BPO is one of the most important companies in the Technology, Information and Communications sector. After a long assistance from AIDA staff, Fusion BPO, has inaugurated the opening of their activity in our country, thus finalizing its first affiliate in the Balkans. This company is present with 16 subsidiaries in 9 different countries of the world, including America and Canada.

In its first month this company numbers 25 employees, bringing a multi-year experience in the labor market. The company’s long-term plans aim to embrace 300 operators by the end of 2019, offering services not only for European markets but also beyond. During the meeting with AIDA staff, concrete co-operation issues and immediate needs were discussed that aftercare staff will pursue with priority.


News Source: AIDA

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