“From small stories to big histories” – Arch. Massimiliano Fuksas

“From small stories to big histories” – Arch. Massimiliano Fuksas

Massimiliano Fuksas, co-founder of Studio Fuksas, one of the most prestigious architectural offices in the world, will be the special guest at SHARE Tirana 2019.

Architecture should generate a space shaped by human emotions


With an extensive experience and a comprehensive architectural understanding, Massimiliano Fuksas claims that architecture should be concerned more about generating a space shaped by human emotions rather than a formal geometry. As long as the world is more and more sunken into consumerism, the only genuine “material” that is able to navigate through chaos and can engender an authentic architecture is emotion.

The soul of the things

Speaking about his creative process, he claimed that a careful observation of everything around is the obvious beginning for each of his projects. The key is to look for the quintessential characteristic of places and people in order “to find the soul of the thing” and to transpose it into a responsible piece of architecture that can enlighten the environment where it is inserted. An emotional involvement, from both sides, the client and the architect, will not only guarantee the functional aspects of the building, but will also enhance architecture with a timeless vitality.

No room for nostalgia

The originality that strikes you through every project of Studio Fuksas emerges from their quality to adequate their ideas to particular requirements and visions, in a manner that demands you always reinvent yourself.

As Massimiliano Fuksas said, “If you love people, if you love the landscape, and human beings, then, of course, you research and experiment.” The urge to investigate new solutions has led the office to an architectural practice that has always been environmentally friendly, developing powerful sustainable concepts and making use of “advanced technology to affect the planet the least by creative buildings with the lowest possible energy consumption and the best possible indoor climate.”

Eyes always on the future

There is no room for nostalgia in Studio Fuksas’s work; everything should be strongly anchored in present times, with eyes always on the future. As long as you’re trapped in the past, you have no chance to challenge the present: “You only have the future to think about, you forget the past. I want to forget. For me, architecture is the art of forgetting.” The future architect should be “enthusiastic, passionate and determined” and should have the ability to defend his ideas“ in such an obstinate and determined way that they will lose their original form as little as possible.” 

About the architect

Massimiliano Fuksas is of Lithuanian descent, born in Rome in 1944. He graduated in Architecture from the University of Rome “La Sapienza” in 1969. Since the Eighties he has been one of the main protagonists of the contemporary architectural scene. He is a member of the Académied’Architecture in Paris, Commandeur de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres de la République Française, Cavaliere di Gran Croce della Repubblica Italiana and he has also been decorated with Légion d’Honneur by the French President.

He has been Visiting Professor at a number of Universities such as Columbia University in New York, the École Spéciale d’Architecture in Paris, the Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Wien, the Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Stuttgart. Long since he is dedicating special attention to the study of urban problems in large metropolitan areas.

From 2000 to 2015 he was author of the architecture column – founded by Bruno Zevi – in the Italian news magazine “L’Espresso” and from 2014 to 2015 he was, with his wife, the author of the Design column in the Italian newspaper “La Repubblica”.

“From small stories to big histories” – Studio Fuksas

With headquarters in Rome, Paris and Shenzhen, and a staff of 170 professionals, the practice has completed more than 600 projects and has worked in Europe, Africa, America, Asia and Australia, receiving numerous international awards.

Studio Fuksas, led by Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas, is one of the most outstanding international architectural firms in the world. Their success resides in their capacity of keeping up with contemporary times and their ability to transform small stories into big histories.

SHARE Tirana 2019 International Architecture and Engineering Forum will take place on the 28th of Februaryand brings together principal and senior architects from leading practices to discuss and gain inspiration from each other. Arch. Massimiliano Fuksas is the special guest of the event, the author of a wide variety of projects: from urban interventions to airports, museums and cultural centers, offices, interiors and design collections.

Massimiliano Fuksas Portfolio:

And as every successful story needs external support, SHARE Forum organizers are grateful for the help and trust offered by their main partners ŞIŞECAM FLAT GLASS and Zumtobel Group, and their partner Daikin, who believe in the power of innovation into the modern architecture and sustain the idea of sharing and developing together through architecture.

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