Foreign Investors Summit in Tourism

Foreign Investors Summit in Tourism

The Foreign Investors Summit in Tourism was an event that brought together senior government officials and all tourism stakeholders to present the strategy that our country will imple- ment for the development of this key sector for the country’s economy.

This Summit was opened by the speech of Mr. Klosi, Minister of Tourism and the Environment, who made a panorama of the statistics and the performance of the sector in recent years. Among other things, Mr. Klosi mentioned the names of international brand leaders in this sector who have seen our country as a potential country for the development of their activity. While in the past names like Hilton, Marriott International, Melia Group, Hyatt Group were unimaginable for our country, today are a successful reality.


The Summit was also welcomed by the Prime Minister, who emphasized the high influx of tourists who visited and continue to visit our country. Mr. Rama presented the concrete figures of the income generated by this sector of employment and the attention that the government is devoting to the further development of this industry. Among other things, the premier presented the government’s vision for tourism where great attention will be paid to the construction of Hotels and Resorts and not just Real Estate or complex villas construction. The prime minister invited foreign and domestic investors to invest in this sector, which is being paid special attention by the Albanian government.

Also at this Summit, representatives of the Albanian Investment Development Agency presented the concrete opportunities and incentives of this sector.

In his speech, Director of Foreign Direct Investment Mr. Genc Celi made a description of the law on strategic investment and facilities that this law provides for all domestic and foreign investors.

News Source: AIDA

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