Financial education, an investment for youth employment

Financial education, an investment for youth employment

Preparing youth with the knowledge and skills needed to be competitive, under the conditions of a free market economy, remains an absolute priority.

Economic experts argue that by orienting young people towards the concept of a free market economy, giving them an opportunity to understand how markets work, give rational financial judgments and make sound decisions, create and run ventures, and to recognize positively the importance of fair competition, innovation and knowledge as a catalyst to success, we can prepare excellent entrepreneurs and knowledgeable customers.


According to them, financial education among Albanian youth means that they are not just qualified job seekers, but also can take risks, to become employment generators, through the creation of their enterprises.

The Albanian Banking Association explains that today the financial education program is in the sixth year of its implementation, it has extended to 194 secondary schools with elective modules / modules and, starting from the academic year 2018 to 2019, the program will also include the modules of financial education and entrepreneurship throughout the pre-university system.

News Source: ATA

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