FBA Poll: Party ratings in September

FBA Poll: Party ratings in September

Follow Business Albania commissioned a national electronic poll, conducted in the last days by Dr. Eduard Zaloshnja, who is a research scientist at Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation in the Washington, DC area. The sample was comprised of 3336 voters living in Albania, representing well the Albanian electorate, politically and demographically. The maximum margin of sampling error for this poll was plus/minus 2.2 percentage points.

The poll shows that if elections were held today in Albania, turnover would be lower compared to the last general elections – around 270,000 fewer voters would participate today in national elections. PS would receive around 53% of the votes among participants; PD around 34%; LSI 7%; PDIU around 3%, and other smaller parties 3%. Compared to the August poll, PD would get around 70 thousand fewer votes, while other parties would get more or less the same number of votes as in August.


LSI has experienced the most dramatic drop since the elections of 2017 – an almost 135 thousand vote drop. It is followed by PS, which registered 65 thousand more votes in 2017 than it has today. Whereas PD remains in the depressed levels of 2017 (see Table 1 and graph 1).