Electricity production, more than the average of the last 15 years

Electricity production, more than the average of the last 15 years

The Albanian Power Corporation (KESH) today released the indicators for the first six months of the year, with cascade production reaching 3,914 GWh, about 53% more than the average of the last 15 years .

According to KESH, during this period, the highest historical values ​​of daily production (29,121 MWh), monthly output (848.5 GWh), and energy reserve were recorded at the beginning of July (1,399 GWh). Due to the rehabilitation at Koman HPP and the broadcasting constraints, the available generation capacity during the period was about 161 MW lower than in 2010 and 2013.


While for almost the same production levels, uncharged electricity discharges in 2018 were about 40% lower than in 2010. For the same period, the Cascade’s energy reserve in 2018 increased by about 288 GWh, in 2010 (albeit with higher inflows) it grew by only 21 GWh.

Revenues generated by the company in this period amount to ALL 10.9 billion, out of which: 3 billion ALL as a result of the sale of 1.99 TWh of energy to OSHEE, 7.13 billion lek from the sale of 1.99 TWh of energy in the unregulated market, 581 million ALL from sales of energy services and 224 million ALL from energy sales for economic optimization.

At the end of June 2018, accounts payable liabilities amounted to 37,984,060,000 lek while accounts receivable were 59,242,070,000 lek. The net operating profit for the period January-June 2018 results to be 6,199,243,000 lek.

Intensive precipitation during the first 6 months (and mainly in the January-April period) was a proof that not only the safety of the dams was not compromised, but it was also possible to maximize the amount of energy sold in relation to uncharged water discharges , while at the same time providing better control and minimization of the flooding of the area of ​​Shkodra, informs KESH.

News Source : ATA

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