Economic Efforts and Opportunities in Energy Sector

Economic Efforts and Opportunities in Energy Sector

As one of the government’s goal to achieve macro-economic balances, energy sector represents one of the most potential field to support economic growth. Albania’s power sector is entirely dependent on water resources compared with the rest of the Balkan Countries mostly focused on petroleum energy, but still suffers from inefficiencies related to reliability of power supply and high distribution losses.


As from one side globally ranked 112 of its production capacity, Albania holds about 44% persistently distribution losses and about to 78% low collection rates among households, businesses, and public institutions in energy sector. Thus resulting in rising fiscal cost as economic struggle even for the investors.

According to CPF (Country Partnership Framework for Albania 2015-2019) with ongoing assistance of World Bank, Albania will complement an energy development operation framework to support market reform and diversification of energy sources. As predicted IFC will support in installation of additional 110 MW of renewable energy.


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