Economic diplomacy, interaction between business and the state

Economic diplomacy, interaction between business and the state

The Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs held the meeting “Consultations on Entrepreneurship on Economic Diplomacy” with senior officials of the local chambers of commerce of Albania and managers of the largest companies, members of these chambers, in order to coordinate the work with all state and private actors, within and outside Albania, in the context of the re-conceptualization of the role of economic diplomacy and as a diplomatic service can assist and contribute maximally to the promotion of products, the finding of markets and the interconnection of Albanian producers and businesses with trading partners and homologous foreign businesses.

Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Ditmir Bushati, in his speech underlined the importance of interaction between business and the state to promote the country’s economic interests. Bushati said that we must overcome structural weaknesses so that we can promote Albanian products and expand Albania’s markets and partnership.


Our new approach to Economic Diplomacy aims to be comprehensive and based on a clear organizational structure, to have a special focus on the information base, to communicate as quickly as possible, and to be guided by clear objectives measurable.

Economic development and welfare growth are absolute priorities of the government and in their function, MEPJ is fully committed to improving and adapting our services to the challenges of the Albanian economy.

News, Photo Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Albania 

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