EBRD, a 9m-euro program for energy efficiency

EBRD, a 9m-euro program for energy efficiency

The EBRD today launched a new Green Growth Funding Program (GEFF) program in Albania to provide housing sector grants in order to improve energy efficiency.

An amount of 9 million euros is dedicated to Albania. The main donor of this program is the European Union.


EBRD Director in Albania Matteo Colangeli stressed that citizens living in private and community buildings in Albania will benefit from a wider access to funding for energy conservation projects thanks to this program.

This program aims to reduce the use of energy in the housing sector, reduce air pollution and improve living comfort through this loan to partner banks to support green technology investments.

EU Ambassador in Tirana, Luigi Soreca, said that together with the EBRD and KFW, this program enables the achievement of a commitment the EU has taken to assist Albania in making its economy greener through investments in renewable energy and renewable energy for the benefit of all citizens in Albania and the rest of the Western Balkans.

“The time has come for energy efficiency in Albania. We have to join forces with GEFF, EBRD, EU and Austria to have greener cities in Albania, “said Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, attending the event.

News Source: ATA

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