e-Albania, new services for Albanians outside the homeland

e-Albania, new services for Albanians outside the homeland

We are close to all Albanians wherever they are!

The Albanian government’s attention has never been removed by Albanians living and working outside the country, and the work to provide convenience to accessing Albanian state services continues with the same intensity.

Through e-Albania portal, Albanians residents in different country of the world have been able to perform some kind of applications, to make payments, thanks to the goverment portal and electronic services that institutions provide.


There are 2 new electronic  services :

  • Application for Proof of Verification of Judicial State (Proof of Penalty)
  • Application for Verification of a Validation Permit for Denunciation or Conversion

More specifically: for applications for “proofs penalty and patent attestation for portal” users after completing the form and authorization signed for performing verification required by representatives of Embassy or consulate, announced that  application is accepted. Applicants are informed via e-mail for further procedures.

The above documents, for which applicants  are interested, are sent by mail to the address they  have written within two week time frame.

Not only that! to date, there have been and will be functional electronic services that enable Albanians living in Italy to apply for personal and family certificate. The good news is that beside Italy the service is now available for Albanians living in:


2. Bulgaria

3. Czech Republica

4. Hungary

5. Kosovo

6. Croatia

7. Japan

8. Montenegro

9. Romania

10 Slovakia

11. Switzerland

12. Turkey

Interested citizens can apply online to obtain postal service, birth certificate and family certificate. After the necessary verification’s by the representatives of the embassy or consulate, the applicant is then invited to follow the procedures to make the payment and send the original mandate by mail.

News Source: e- Albania

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