Denaj: Industrial Property, an important capital for business

Denaj: Industrial Property, an important capital for business

Minister of Finance and Economy, Anila Denaj was present today at the conference organized on the occasion of World Intellectual Property Day 2019. In this activity, organized by the General Directorate of Industrial Property, was present and the Minister of Culture, Elva Margariti, representatives of state institutions related to intellectual property, representatives from interest groups, etc.

This year, the World Intellectual Property Organization slogan is “Intellectual Property and Sports” – To Get The Best!


Minister Denaj assessed that Intellectual Property is one of the most important aspects of a country’s economy as it is one of the stimulators of economic development and one of the indicators of the level of dynamics of trade activity, while Industrial Property is today an important capital and in the last 5 years there are 4 fishes of Albanian brands.

The government, the Minister said, is committed to the protection of intellectual and industrial property rights and has set as one of its priorities reforming the intellectual property system in order to achieve European standards on the protection of Intellectual Property.

The National Intellectual Property Strategy 2016-2020 is an important document for strengthening the intellectual property system in the country as it aims to promote the Albanian economy towards an innovative knowledge-based economy. “An integral part of this strategy is the assurance of Intellectual Property Rights, the well-functioning of the judicial system as well as the modernization of institutions involved in the system. The strategy suggests that the PI system should encourage the transfer of technology through the technology transfer market, in particular with the sale and purchase of patented technology, “said Minister Denaj.

The Minister emphasized that government policies focus on raising awareness, and strengthening the system of registration, administration and protection of intellectual property rights as rights that exert a strong influence on the development and well-functioning of the country’s economy “said the Minister.

In this regard, Minister Denaj said that the distribution of government subsidies for research and development or the creation of public funds for scientific research institutes are policies aimed at directly contributing to innovation by providing incentives for investing in research. Specifically, the Minister added, investment in (research and development) in the private and public sector in the country will be encouraged, which will ensure success in the market.

News Source: Ministry of Finance and Economy

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