Denaj: Increase cooperation between business – professional offices – vocational schools

Denaj: Increase cooperation between business – professional offices – vocational schools

Maturity and sustainability in business development has already prompted them to seek skilled workers for different professions. A great help to entrepreneurship has already become the work offices, which orient both employees and employers towards the demands they have. During an inspection at the Durrës Labor Office, Minister of Finance and Economy, Anila Denaj, was closely acquainted with the state of the office.

“The only thing I want to emphasize is that, especially in cities like Durres, with the great potential that the city offers, and especially in particular sectors, but also very strategic, such as tourism, we can certainly create a more opportunity great to coordinate the information and to make it an information that comes to us more effectively because even this part of the costs is very important. I am positively impressed with the number of people seeking to train in our “soft-skills” programs, there were about 3600 people, “said the Minister.


Whereas, the Director of the Durres Labor Office, Indrit Buka, said that work is already being worked on by adapting it to the requirements that will precede the tourist season. According to him, just for February, 90 have been sent for “start smart”, while the entire Durrës office has 2,000 jobseekers who will lead them towards these courses.

Minister Denaj also inspected the works at the vocational school “Beqir Çela”, where the courses of Electoral Mechanics, Thermohydraulics and ICT were developed, with a total number of 1 617 students. The state budget investment for the new building of this school is 231.5 million lekë.

According to Minister Denaj, “are their businesses and needs that will orient our strategy of opening vocational schools. Labor offices serve this mediation to understand, and not just today, the current status, how many vacancies there are, and how many businesses think they will have in the next two or three years, so that we too can anticipate and the need to build vocational schools according to the needs of businesses in different regions. “

Currently in the city of Durres are two vocational schools and cover a very wide area, while there is cooperation and coordination with the Office of Labor and Vocational Training Centers.

News Source: Ministry of Finance and Economy

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