“Customs without paper” is launched, Minister Denaj: 93% of businesses online at customs service

“Customs without paper” is launched, Minister Denaj: 93% of businesses online at customs service

The newest service in the Albanian customs system, “Paperless Paper”, is launched, which not only enhances the quality of service to business, but also reduces costs and time for enterprises that develop their economic activity in import-export.

The Minister of Finance and Economy, Anila Denaj, paid a visit to the customs branch in Tirana, where closely saw the whole process of developing the new online service for businesses “Customs without papers”. This process is undertaken in the framework of facilitating procedures and service to the business, a requirement deriving from the Customs Code adopted in 2014.


This service, which has been operational since May 16, removes the obligation of businesses to present themselves at the customs offices physically for depositing the customs declaration, as the customs declaration can only be filed electronically. Thus, the declaration of goods is done only online (without papers) by applying the electronic signature, regardless of where the declarant is located and by electronic stamping, in real time, a copy of this document verified by the customs authorities.

Minister Anila Denaj said that from this new online service will benefit about 93% of businesses, which until now were forced to appear physically at customs offices for the deposit of customs declaration. Only operators classified as high risk, in the “red channel” customs, which constitute a small percentage of economic operators who lodge customs declarations, are those who are subject to full control over all papers, while the rest is not.

 We are launching this project today, which benefits all operators, because 93% will have the process without any physical contact and optimum processing time, and based on the risk matrix, all operators who are more risk-sensitive high, in the custom language with “red channel”, are those who undergo a full control with all the letters, all others not. This “red canal” group represents on average risk and experience 7% of operators and in this case, all the rest today passes without any processing time in checks and letters, as customs agencies are unified with this service, with “signature” and with all the letters unified with our systems, “said Ms. Denaj.

The Minister noted that with this new online customs service for businesses Albania becomes the first country in the region that it offers.

“Of course, we are proud of being avant-garde in the region and absolutely moving towards the approximations of other legal aspects missing in other areas, not just the Customs Code The Customs Code passed in Parliament in 2014 is the origin of this whole process. Approximation of the law and the Customs Code with 100% EU law has been the basis for making these investments, but at the same time to place the emphasis on the objective we want to achieve: first, the journey towards the European Union with all reforms and commitments that the government has undertaken and is implementing, but also with concrete facts in the procedures that today, beyond this path, are available to all operators, “said the Minister.

For his part, the General Director of Albanian Customs, Arlind Gjokuta considered this as a milestone for Albanian customs since it significantly shortened the time of waiting for businesses to customs, lowering their costs, and minimizing the contact between business and customs, indicating indirectly and reducing corruptive phenomena.

News Source: Ministry of Finance and Economy

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