Customs convenience for businesses that benefit from the status of economic operator

Customs convenience for businesses that benefit from the status of economic operator

Entities that will manage to obtain the status of the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) will have easy access to customs procedures.

During a 3-day training, supported by the German Association for International Cooperation (GIZ), representatives of the Albanian and Kosovo Customs administrations, have been introduced with the facilities that will bring this process in simplifying customs procedures for business.


Deputy General Manager of Albanian Customs, Mirela Meko, during her speech at the opening of this training, said that the business should recognize and understand the importance of having the status of OEA.

Regional trade is now a fact and business should not remain indifferent to these facilities, but to be recognized and apply for this status.

Meko also praised the importance of training and qualification of customs staff in the successful implementation of this process.

The Albanian customs administration has implemented the status of OEAs according to international standards and for this purpose an agreement on mutual recognition with the CEFTA states was signed with the legal basis and EU-compliant application, where CEFTA parties inform each other regarding the identity of the OEAs.

The Albanian customs administration has created a special facility for OEAs and customs facilities.

In this context, it has launched an awareness campaign to encourage business to apply and benefit from customs facilities.

Meanwhile, the recognition of regional AEAs among CEFTA member countries will bring great convenience to operators who will benefit from this status and trade exchanges between countries.

News Source: ATA

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