Charter of Citizens’ Rights, guarantee for the benefit of quality public services

Charter of Citizens’ Rights, guarantee for the benefit of quality public services

The General Directorate of Taxation, as an institution providing services to taxpayers, remains committed to increasing quality as well as providing them with the least cost.

To this end, it is also the implementation of the Council of Ministers Decision No. 623, dated 26.10.2018, on the “Approval of the Citizens’ Rights Charter for the Benefit of Public Services”.


This charter defines the rights of citizens and businesses to obtain services from institutions that are authorized to provide them.

There are 20 rights set forth in this card, which are listed as follows:

  • The right to information;
  • The right and use of public services;
  • Right of withdrawal from the application;
  • Avoiding Burden on Citizens and Businesses;
  • The right to equal treatment in the provision of public services;
  • The right to active assistance during the service delivery process;
  • The right to an effective solution;
  • The right to process your application in the order of the application;
  • The right to receive services within reasonable timeframes;
  • The right to receive a service in a transparent manner;
  • Alternatives to filing a request for service delivery;
  • The right not to be penalized for the mistakes / inaccuracies of state administration institutions;
  • The right to appeal;
  • Infrastructure in the provision of public services;
  • Accountability to citizens and business;
  • Protection of personal data, information or commercial secrets;
  • The right of prior consultation;
  • The right to quality service;
  • Participation in improving public services;
  • Publication, information and education.

The General Directorate of Taxation remains professionally engaged in the education of taxpayers, as well as the respect of these rights in the provision of public services in practice by its employees.

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