Businesses consider internet crucial for their operations

Businesses consider internet crucial for their operations

ICT nowadays is considered as crucial pillar in planning itineraries and booking travel and accommodation mostly in T&T (Travel and Tourism). It’s so vitae in all sector thus ICT is not anymore considered as alone Index but its present in all pillars of “Ease of Doing Business”.

ICT measures not only the existence of modern hard infrastructure (mobile network coverage and quality of electricity supply), but also the capacity of businesses and individuals to use and provide online services. Albania operates under the extent where ICT usage in Business to Business Transactions is below the average mean. It is placed on the 126th place among 141 countries. Meanwhile in Business to Customer Transactions it performs better. In a rage from 1-7 (1 = not at all, 7 = to a great extent) Albania stands by 3.9 average mean in the usage of internet in selling products to customers. All other Balkan Countries are in better position compared to Albania.


Shifting to Customer side, ICT usage by individuals peaks in Albania, ranking the country in 52nd place and having perform better compared to Serbia, Bulgaria, and Montenegro. Empirical data are supported by 99.8 % of “Mobile Network Coverage” Sub index. Albanian count 0.3% of Internet Usage in Europe and among current population 1,823,233 people are users.

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