Budget 2019, all roads being built are funded

Budget 2019, all roads being built are funded

Minister of Finance and Economy, Arben Ahmetaj, speaking to the Assembly for Infrastructure said that Sali Berisha’s government did not make roads but road tenders.

“Sali did not make a way, tender tenders. Drive the streets, like snake skin. It had made only 8% of the Plepa-Rrogozhine works. This majority was completed “, – said Ahmetaj.


This budget, Ahmetaj said, “is a carefully matured budget to never make the foolishness of these. To make those paths needed. It is a regional master plan, all the roads are financed. Arbr Street, Thuman-Vora, Balldren-Milot “.

Whereas for Tirana-Elbasan road, Ahmetaj said that, “the project has started with $ 314 million. It has cost $ 404 million and has the risk of $ 40 million in the company’s “claims”.

News Source: ATA

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