Boulevard “Ismail Qemali”, the newest tourist area of ​​Vlora

Boulevard “Ismail Qemali”, the newest tourist area of ​​Vlora

In the city of Vlora, the works for the retraining of the boulevard “Ismail Qemali”, are the last one where greenery and recreational and entertainment facilities dominate.

The stones used for laying the boulevard “Ismail Qemali” in Vlora are originating from the areas of Vlora, Berat and Lezha.


The idea that pervades the whole concept of the boulevard project is to strengthen the national identity and for this reason the building materials are selected from Albanian origin.

Prime Minister Edi Rama has published views of the new coastal city boulevard. “WELCOME, and with this view of yesterday evening from Vlora, on the new boulevard of the city where the latest works are being done, I wish you a good week,” says Rama.

The boulevard “Ismail Qemali” will connect the historical and cultural monuments of Vlora, which are today divided and unrelated to create a cultural nucleus.

The area to be treated is 75,000 square meters, of which 8,000 square meters are squares, 11,000 square meters of parking space for cars, bicycles and 6 new spaces for public activities. Greening is an important component of the project, which foresees the planting of 15 species of plants (trees and lignoses), as well as typical flowers of the area in a total area of ​​7,450 square meters.

The project foresees the reduction of traffic lanes from 2 to 1, the development of a pedestrian across the boulevard and 5 safe passes for pedestrians. The boulevard is transformed into an added tourist attraction for the city, while car traffic will be facilitated through the connection with Transballkaniken and the New Ring.

After the construction of the promenade along the “Lungomare” coastline, which gave the modern city structure, the project for the reconstruction of the boulevard “Ismail Qemali” transforms it into the backbone of Vlora’s identity.

News Source: ATA

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