BOA: Business boosted reinvested earnings by 204m euros

BOA: Business boosted reinvested earnings by 204m euros

Business has increased by 67% reinvested earnings, which for the nine months of 2018 captured the value of 204 million euros.

The Bank of Albania notes that this growth trend indicator brings an added value to the total foreign investment entering the Albanian economy.


Economic experts say that the fiscal easing policy that the government has taken in the new fiscal package 2019, with the reduction of the dividend level to 8% from the previous 15%, aims to further stimulate business reinvestment in various activities economic development they develop.

Foreign direct investments entering the Albanian economy in the third quarter of this year amounted to 760 million euros, according to the Bank of Albania.

According to data from the Central Bank, foreign investment grew by 82 million euros for the period January to September 2018, up 12% compared to 2017.

While energy financing is dominated by the inflow of foreign investment in our country, by about 60%, followed by telecommunications, banking and other sectors.

Major foreign investments being realized in our country are major energy projects; the Hydropower Plant in the Devoll River by Statkraft, the TAP pipeline, Ashtä HEC from the Austrians of “Verbund”, etc., informs the BoA. 

News Source: ATA

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