Bank of Albania and European Central Bank organize regional seminar in the area of ​​central bank statistics

Bank of Albania and European Central Bank organize regional seminar in the area of ​​central bank statistics

Between 13 and 14 June 2018, the Bank of Albania and the European Central Bank (ECB) organize a regional seminar in the area of ​​central bank statistics.

This seminar will be attended by representatives from central banks in the region and beyond, representatives of INSTAT, as well as other financial institutions of the country.


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The Regional Seminar on Statistics is regularly organized by the ECB and provides an important forum for exchanging views on statistical requirements as well as for policy drafting and discussion of recent developments in central bank statistical matters.

This year, the seminar was organized by the ECB in cooperation with the Bank of Albania. Its purpose is to carry out discussions and exchange views on statistics as one of the most challenging and fundamental issues for central bankers and policymakers in general.

At the head of the greeting speech, the Governor of the Bank of Albania, Gent Sejko, thanked the participants for their participation and stressed the importance of processing statistical data on the activity of central banks.

Governor Sejko said reliable, sufficient and timely data is an indispensable element for better decision making.

Further, the Governor underlined that today we need to be informed and analyze economic data in different dimensions and on a granular scale. For this purpose, the Bank of Albania has worked on several dimensions for enriching and improving statistical information.

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This improvement has come not only for the methodological approximation of statistics to international standards, but also as a factor in the process of European integration.

“Modern statistics are not perceived without strong information technology support for their collection, design and distribution. In this regard, the Bank of Albania, during 2017, has completed the inclusion of all reporting entities at the BoA in the Electronic Regulatory Reporting System, “ said Governor Sejko.

In conclusion, the Governor added that inter-institutional coordination is key to the success of producing multi-dimensional statistical data. He stressed the importance of cooperation between the Bank of Albania and INSTAT, which has so far proved to be very successful and will continue to be in the future.

News Source: Bank of Albania

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