Automotive Week – German Investors interest in the automotive industry

Automotive Week – German Investors interest in the automotive industry

AIDA in partnership with DIHA organized the Automotive Week, in the framework of promoting our country as a drive for investment in the Automotive Sector.

In this framework, 5 German companies of this sector visited our country and had the opportunity to hold various meetings and visits to companies in this sector to understand more about the concrete opportunities that our country offers.


The planned agenda for the German investor group began on Monday, May 6, with a reception at the German Embassy, ​​where they were welcomed by the German Ambassador in our country, Susanne Schütz.

Then, on May 7, their visit followed with the presentation of investment opportunities by AIDA executives, emphasizing the incentives the government offers for this sector. The meeting continued with the Minister of Finance and Economy Ms. Belinda Ikonomi, who welcomed the delegation to the Ministry by introducing government reforms, tax exemptions, and the importance this sector has in our country. Also, Minister in charge of employment issues Mrs. Dajna Sorensen, presented a panorama of vocational schools in the country, their directions and special focus on creating a skilled workforce.

Also, the delegation was also welcomed by the Deputy. Minister of Energy and Industry Mr. Ilir Bejtja informed the participants about energy costs for businesses and specifically for solar energy and the conditions for measuring the difference. Also Mr. Bejtja briefed on the situation of infrastructure and connectivity.

After discussions and opportunities presented by ministry representatives to gain a clearer impact, the German group visited two highly successful companies in this sector, which for years now operate in our country. The German company Forschner Albania was the first to welcome the delegation and broadcast their experience of doing business in Albania. Also, representatives of the Italian company Reëork showed their history of success in Albania and the advantages of doing business in our country.

On May 8, Investors had the opportunity to visit one of the professional schools in the country, specifically in Kamez where they visited her premises and also conducted different interviews with students of this school.

Their next stop was the company Efa Solution, which with a long experience and 1200 employees, produces high quality shoes for various European markets.

The last stop for the third day of their agenda was TEDA Spitallë, where investors were introduced to TEDA and the opportunities they have for investments in these areas.

Their last day ended with a meeting in Tirana municipality where they were welcomed by Mr. Genci Kodheli, Director of Strategic Investment and Foreign Investments. Mr Kodheli presented the project of TEDA Kashar as a future investment opportunity in the Municipality of Tirana. Also a group of investors developed a stop at the German investment of Linder Group “Tirana Business Park”.

At the end of this visit, the delegation assessed with high interest the investments in our country and expressed great optimism for the future of this industry, based on geographical position, competitive labor costs, skilled workforce and government support measures.

News Source: AIDA

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