Are You Getting Ready for the Post Lockdown?

Are You Getting Ready for the Post Lockdown?

JP HOSPITALITY.EU is  ready to assist anyone  in preparing the ground for the  NEW HOSPITALITY ERA.

By Jose Pinto*



Dear Hospitality, Hotel, Restaurant and Bar Colleagues!


Soon, hopefully the lockdown will be starting to ease down and you must prepare lots of programs and plans of action.


Apart from ensuring that all your managers and associates are free from the virus and having a program to have them controlled until the vaccine or the medicine is available to assure they are good and they continue to be in good health, are you also planning or developing a full safety and deep cleaning program of your property with a certified company? 

All your guest rooms and services spaces including your loading bays, stores, laundry, housekeeping spaces, fridges, refrigerators and freezers, offices, back office, catering spaces,  tables, and utensils, guest floors, Air-conditioning filters, vents, your cooling chillers or towers being into a schedule or are you having a timetable to have a deep cleaning and heath /safety program implemented before you re-open your doors?

Passing by similar viruses stages in my HOSPITALITY career in different continents and countries, I can recommend that you start from NOW looking into it, contracting if possible a reliable, professional and certified Health and Safety company which is recognized by EU or USA or even UK to process, train, and assure that all is done accordingly.

On my past PANDEMICS times, all of us at the Hospitality industry had to assure and, in most cases, we are able to provide certifications of different types that our hotel, Restaurants  and spaces have gone through and followed up a specific program on Health and Safety and that we were ready to meet the new post pandemic rules and regulations to welcome the guests or customers. 

The Travel Agents, Wholesalers, Online booking sources and individual customers will be checking on you before they book their next stay whether in any hotel or restaurant etc.

You must create your DNA and assure that you will continue.  Today, more than ever, our employees, customers and partners need to be reassured of our/your ability to offer them an assurance of not only of your services but also of your property, Health and Security.

It is our ultimate duty to anticipate your customer and guest needs to the highest standards  that include Health, Safety and Security. 

Not only the hotels but the whole Hospitality Industry will definitely have a boom. But this BE SURE will only be applying to whoever will assure, guarantee and follow  strictly the after pandemic lockdown new ERA .   

I’m more than sure that we will see a CLOSEDOWN of many big or small hotels which can’t compete with the ones that are fully cooperating and assuring  Health, Safety and Security to their customers.

JP HOSPITALITY.EU is  ready to assist anyone  in preparing the ground for the  NEW HOSPITALITY ERA.


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