AnnaKarin Horneij – Life is an adventure. Make the most of it!

AnnaKarin Horneij – Life is an adventure. Make the most of it!

By Fatima Gorezi

AnnaKarin Horneij is a successful businesswoman from Stockholm, Sweden, and has a history of success as an inspirational speaker and a visionary. AnnaKarin also helps women all over the world to gain financial independence and advises them on how to build their own businesses. In this article she shares her story, her secrets of success, and most importantly, shares her tips for all those women who really want to find success in their lives and in their business. AnnaKarin’s story includes her struggles and personal experiences and how she has worked hard in several business areas. It is a story of inspiration for every woman who wants to be successful.


What have been the steps on your entrepreneurial journey?

I started babysitting and taking my neighbours dogs for walks when I was only eight years old. Not because we were poor but because I wanted to earn my own money. And then at the age of 12 I started to teach dance. I was helping out to teach/coach at the local dance school to start with. But I soon got my own classes to teach both at the dance school and at the school I attended myself. Teaching the students my own age up to graduates.

I started my own business – a dance school when I was 25 years old as well as working a lot with different musical projects. I have also had Companies dealing in properties, a cafe and a second hand/antique store. I have also always been running some MLM businesses parallel to the other Companies. The network Companies have been in the beauty/skin care and health and wellbeing spheres. In some of my Companies I have had 10 -12 staff members but in MLM there have been many more people involved.

How do you remember the beginning of your career?

When I started my career with my own Company my daughter was only seven months old. So it meant a lot of juggling with the schedule to make it work. And, the good or the bad thing, was that the Company grew with 300% more then the calculated business plan for the first six months. And it grew from there. So it was a lot of hard work,  seven days a week and long hours even though I had staff hired. But I was young and passionate about what I was creating so I made it work somehow. If you believe in what you do and have got the passion not much can stand in your way.

What are three things that women should learn to deal with themselves in order to find their purpose in life?

Women have to make sure that they are independent with their own work, their own finances and knowledge enough to handle their admin – or make sure they get a good Accountant to do it for them. If it is too much with work and running the household at the same time, if possible hire someone or a cleaning company to do the housework and her tasks around the house. Also, remember to take care of yourself and have time for your family and loved ones as this is the most important thing. Without your health and family you have nothing, no matter how high you have climbed in your career.

What are the best ways for helping women to build their confidence?

The best way to help women build their confidence is to make sure that women all over the world get the same possibilities to study as men. And, of course, that they have equal pay as men for the same work. So they know that it is by choice and not nessesity (for support ) that they can find a life partner. Women generally are also raised to be more careful then men. So let us take some risks girls! As Sir Richard Branson says, “Say yes first and then learn how to do it! Do not miss out on life’s possibilities because   you are scared!”

What is your life motto and how do you live by it every day?

‘Life is an adventure. Make the most of it!’ That is my motto in life. Often things look more scary to do than they actually are.

I always think to myself, ‘What is the worst thing that could happen if I do this?’ And so far nothing has been as scary or bad as the picture I drew up in my head. So let’s go for it! It might even turn out amazing ! I do not want to be one of those people saying, “I should have done…”about a lot of things. It is better to be able to say, “I did…” Studies say that people regret what they did not do. Not what they had done when looking back at their life.

Where do you see yourself in five years from now? And what will keep you going to reach your goals?

In five years time I see myself probably working a lot abroad. Even though I was born in Sweden I am not fond of snow and cold weather. When they handed out the ”Viking blood” that we Scandinavians are known for, they must have missed me out. But luckily all my work is the type of work you can do anywhere when it comes to both speaking on stage, coaching or working with my health business  or properties .

What about your free time?

In my free time I love to travel and see new places and meet new people. And that is a bonus since I travel a lot when I work too. I also love reading. Reading a good story is like travel too – into a new world. And it is so relaxing for my busy mind and body. Dancing and musicals have been a big part of my life, so that is something I love to do and watch. And I am also a passionate toy collector and that did not get any better when I owned the second hand/antique business, believe me.

Spending time with my family and friends is the most important though. And my travels have made me friends I value in so many different countries.

What is next for you?

Next for me is to work with some speaking engagements. The ‘Global Woman Summit’ in New York on the 14-15th of July is first in line with great speakers like Les Brown and a lot of female speakers from all over the world. I will also continue to work with the amazing Moringa based  health and well being products( Zija International) Health and wellbeing is close to my heart!

But I am also starting to work with properties again. Mainly abroad in the UK and the Canary Islands (Spain) to start with. This is something really exciting and something I look forward to a lot.

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