Albania’s ranking in Global Competitiveness Report

Albania’s ranking in Global Competitiveness Report

On the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report 2016- 2017, Albania ranks 80/140. Situation in Balkan lies slightly better for some countries such as Bulgaria ranked 50/140, Romania 62/140, Macedonia 68/140, Croatia 74/140 and Bosnia-Herzegovina 111/140. Based on index categorization Albania belongs to Efficiency Driven Economies.


The overall country placement is based on twelve ‘pillar’ rankings, four of which show worrisome results for Albania including: ‘Financial Market Development’ (94, low availability of financial services, no equity market); ‘Macroeconomic Environment (93, poor fiscal situation and low savings rate); ‘Market Size’ (109); and ‘Innovation’ (109, few engineers and scientists and poor university support of business R&D). ‘Property Rights’ is another area where Albania scores among the world’s worst performers (119) and “Juridical Independence” (125). 

Bosnia- Hercegovina exhibits negative performance mostly in ‘Institution pillar’ (126), ‘Labor Efficiency Market’ (125), ‘Infrastructure’ (105) and ‘Innovation’ (125). Bulgaria performs worst in ‘Institution pillar’ (97), ‘Infrastructure’ (70) and ‘Business Sophistication’ (79). Croatia fails in ‘Labor Market Efficiency’ pillar (100) and ‘Innovation’ (103). Macedonia finds difficulties in ‘Market Size’ pillar (110) and ‘Labor Market Efficiency’ (95) and ‘Health and Primary Education’ (92). Montenegro performs worst in ‘Market Size’ pillar by (130), ‘Macroeconomic Environment’ (119) and ‘Business Sophistication’ pillar by (103).

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