Albania’s Contribution to WTO Budget

Albania’s Contribution to WTO Budget

Albania has become a member of WTO since 8 September 2000. Bulgaria accessed WTO in 1996, Greece, Turkey and Romania in 1995, Macedonia in 2003 and Montenegro in 2012. Albania’s accession package includes market-access commitments on goods and services in terms of WTO membership.

Agreement on Government Procurement (GPA) has ensured members, including Albania, to not discriminate against the products, services or suppliers of other parties to the GPA with respect to the government procurement opportunities that are opened to foreign competition. 19 WTO members (counting the European Union and its member states as one) are parties to the Government Procurement Agreement, giving them access to a US$ 1.7 trillion market. Since membership approval WTO support for Albania has been considerably seen on agriculture sector and infrastructure.


Since WTO has been primarily functioning to provide support for members economy to foster, interesting is to reveal members contribution to WTO budget. The WTO derives its income from annual contributions from its 164 members and miscellaneous income. These contributions are based on a formula that takes into account each member’s share of international trade. Miscellaneous income mainly consists of contributions from observer countries, income from the sale of publications and rental of meeting rooms. 

Albania’s contribution to WTO budget for 2017 is 44,965 CHF which encodes 0.023%. This record is very low taking into consideration Albania’s share in international trade. Macedonia manages to contribute 52,785 CHF- 0.027%, Montenegro contributes 29,325 CHF- 0.015%. Meanwhile Bulgaria contributes 316,710 CHF encoding 0.162%, Greece contributes 672,520 CHF- 0.344%, Turkey contributes 1,998,010 CHF- 1.022%, As for developed economies Germany 14,294,960 CHF- 7.312% , China contributes 18,756,270 CHF – 9.594% and US contributes 21,968,335 CHF -11.237%.

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