Albanian Post becomes part of the network “EuroMed Postal”

Albanian Post becomes part of the network “EuroMed Postal”

The Administrator of Albanian Post, Laert Duraj, participated in the General Assembly held with the Board of Directors of the EuroMed Postal Network, the merger of Mediterranean postal operators, organized by Madrid, CORREOS, Madrid Postal Operator.

This congress was of particular importance for the Albanian Post, as the participating states, members of “The Postal Union for the Mediterranean”, unanimously voted to allow the Albanian Post to become part of this Mediterranean postal network. Membership in this community is a good opportunity for regional cooperation and exchange of mutual experiences between member states.


The mission of this network is to protect and promote the collective interests of members of the Mediterranean area, their collective representation before international organizations, the provision of consultancy, expertise and services within the framework of the business relations development of its members, to strengthen integration services, transfer experience and know-how and technology among members, and provide donor funding to fund joint projects among network members.

EuroMed, or otherwise called “The Postal Union for the Mediterranean” (PUmed) is a regional (Mediterranean) postal community created on 29 November 2016 by 20 operators from different countries, a member of the UPU.

News Source: Albanian Post

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