Albania presents the fiscalization project at the Balkan summit

Albania presents the fiscalization project at the Balkan summit

he General Director of the Albanian Tax Administration, Ento Duro, attended the Regional Summit of the Countries of the Region held from 13-15 June in Becic, Montenegro, on “Financial and monetary stability in the region in a growing environment slowing down in the eurozone “. 

Heads of Central Banks, Ministries of Finance and Tax Administrations of the countries of the region, such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Croatia, Kosovo and Albania shared the experiences and challenges in the latest economic developments in the region.


Tax Director General Duro gave a speech to the Tax Advisory Panel, where he made an outline of the vision and the developmental steps in the new fiscalization project.

Technological upgrading and computerization of the process are the basis for increasing the Tax Administration’s credibility in the face of taxpayers, placing its work on consolidated, contemporary parameters that minimize corrupt and abusive spaces.

With this approach and vision, the Albanian Government and obviously as part of its Tax Administration, prioritize the need to improve the information system and to thoroughly update information and communication technology.

The real power of the Tax Administration derives from data collection and intelligence analysis through the risk analysis module. Our goal – Duro said – is to arrive at recording and real-time monitoring of all transactions. 

The plan of realization of the physicalization project has started since the beginning of 2019. So far, the preparation of the project as a whole has been carried out and its adaptation to the legal framework; the methodology of internal organization and control as well as hardware infrastructure has been defined. 

In early 2020, the e-invoicing of real-time cash payments and the implementation of electronic control and risk management system for cash transactions is expected to begin to finalize the project in 2021, with implementation of electronic tax invoice without cash and registration of payment of these invoices. 

Reform in the tax system, especially billing, enables intelligent taxpayer income analysis. This reform involves drafting a new law on billing  
and using new technology through a new philosophy where taxpayers become partners and active participants through public consultation.

The General Director of Taxation praised the Summit as an opportunity to exchange experiences of fiscal administration for the countries of the region on common challenges to respond to the EU’s integration aspirations through the approximation of domestic policies and practices.

News Source: GDT

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