Albania postopones decision on mobile tariffs

Albania postopones decision on mobile tariffs

Albania’s Electronic and Postal Communications Authority (AKEP) has postponed for two months the decision on mobile telephony tariffs, reports Gazeta Shqip. The decision comes after mobile operators Vodafone and Telekom Albania criticised the lack of stakeholder consultations. Speaking to Top Channel, AKEP chairwoman Ilir Zela said that the regulator has started a market analysis and all stakeholders will be included.

The draft decision foresees that Albtelecom may use different tariffs for calls within and outside the network, while for the other two operators the charges will not change. Telekom Albania says the draft decision sets unequal tariff rates between operators, favoring Albtelecom significantly, while Vodafone Albania says that in no case will it accept any decision that violates the rights of its customers and that it is not in full compliance with EU and Albanian laws.


News source : AKEP

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