Albania at EXPO 2020 Dubai

Albania at EXPO 2020 Dubai

Dubai will be transformed for six consecutive months into the home of millions of visitors and businesses from all over the world who will visit the world exhibition “Expo 2020 Dubai”.

The countries participating in EXPO 2020 Dubai that will be held during the period 20 October 2020 – 10 April 2021 will have the opportunity to expose their achievements in different fields.


The visit to Dubai of the Executive Director of the Albanian Investment Development Agency (AIDA), Mr. Sokol Nano, in the role of the Albanian Commissar of Albania at EXPO 2020 Dubai and the signing of Albania’s participation contract, opens the way for preparing our country to join Dubai’s EXPO 2020.

Our country’s participation in an event of this magnitude will serve as an important opportunity to promote Albania as a unique and sustainable tourism destination, unfolding the beauties of our country, the rich Albanian culture and tradition.

One of the main objectives will undoubtedly be the promotion of Albania as a trusted trading partner and foreign investment in a number of important sectors for the country such as energy, tourism, infrastructure, agriculture, etc.

AIDA, along with line ministries, are preparing the calendar with a range of activities and meetings on economy, investment, tourism, culture, education, art, culinary, etc., which will be held during the six-month EXPO also given an important weight to Albanian youth and our talents around the world.

For more information visit the link:  Albania-in-EXPO-2020-Dubai

News Source: AIDA

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