“AIR ALBANIA”, a bridge between Tirana and Istanbul

“AIR ALBANIA”, a bridge between Tirana and Istanbul

Murat Ahmet Joruf, Turkish Ambassador to Tirana attending the inauguration ceremony of the “Air Albania” line, said: “I am very honored to be here for a joint project, a perfect cooperation , through Albania and Turkey, which elevates the international airspace “.

“This project is taking shape thanks to the visionary leadership and the attitudes of our President Taip Rexhep Erdogan and the Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rama.”


Murat Ahmet Joruf, said that “I am proud to be in front of this plane, which came from Istanbul and landed in Tirana with a pilot flight, like the joint projects of” Turkish Airlines “and” AIR ALBANIA “and tomorrow to take the first flight to Istanbul with 80 Albanian students. “

“Today is a historic and meaningful day for the first air travel in Albanian airspace of” AIR ALBANIA “, newly established. In fact, today, with its airline, Albania has created a bridge in the air space, with Turkey being a friend country, its eternal brother.

Thanks to this bridge, Turks and Albanians will visit the respective countries, sooner and more cheaply, with cheap tickets. The heart bridges between Tirana and Istanbul will be located, each aircraft will carry more tourists from our country to Albania. Also, our citizens of Albanian descent in Turkey will better appreciate these flights.

The economic, human and cultural ties between the Turkish people and the Albanian people as well as tourists, thanks to these flights will increase day by day.

“AIR ALBANIA” will connect the cities of Albania, the beautiful Tirana with the other important centers in the world.

At the same time, “AIR ALBANIA” will add to its knowledge and experience in the Civil Aviation sector in Albania.

As Albania’s Prime Minister Edi Rama has said, one of the greatest wishes of millions of our Albanian brothers residing in all four corners of the world is to visit their homeland with their national company, in this framework we share happiness that our Albanian brothers, now with “AIR ALBANIA”, will have the opportunity to meet their loved ones and their relatives, look at the places where they were born. “

The “AIR ALBANIA” line will bring an economic development for Albania, as this project will also enable the employment of many Albanians.

News Source: ATA

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