ADF and the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism cooperate with mutual interest

ADF and the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism cooperate with mutual interest

TIRANA – The Albanian Development Fund and the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism at the Polytechnic University of Tirana will cooperate in the future in order to guarantee the quality and sustainability of the projects.

The cooperation agreement was signed by the Executive Director of the Albanian Development Fund, Benet Beci and Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism, Florian Nepravishta.


The Faculty will make available to the ADF its academic capacities to bring a more professional and innovative approach to development projects, while ADF will provide students and pedagogues with the opportunity to be proactive participants in design tasks and counseling, as well as in public discussions that take place before and during project implementation.

“I am very pleased with this cooperation, because we are emphasizing the architectural element more and more in our projects. In order for all projects to be complemented with elements of architecture and landscape, we have strengthened our internal capabilities. The aim was to always have new approaches to designing. That is why this cooperation comes at the right moment and we consider it an added value, “said Beci.

The Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism has 1,500 students and efforts have been made to cooperate with various institutions and local government structures to give the university a more active role. “With the same approach, we want to cooperate with the Albanian Development Fund by providing studies, technical consultancy, support for the development of strategic projects and exchange of ideas for future projects,” said Mr. Nepravishta.

Collaboration for the didactic part begins immediately after the signing of this agreement. Students of the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism will have the opportunity to develop professional practice at the Albanian Development Fund and may be active in ADF projects from the design phase to the final implementation phase by competing with concrete ideas and plans.


In further stages it is foreseen that the cooperation extends to all levels of postgraduate education.

News Source: Albanian Development Fund

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