A virtual trip to Arbr Street

A virtual trip to Arbr Street

Vodafone today marked another important achievement in the electronic communications industry in Albania, introducing for the first time in the country the experience of the Gigabit network, the fastest network ever experienced in our market. During the event organized today at Vodafone Albania headquarters, thanks to the Gigabit network, a real-time virtual tour on the Arber road, one of the infrastructure projects under construction, was realized in real time.

Minister of Infrastructure and Energy, Damian Gjiknuri was invited to be the first to test the ultra-fast Gigabit network experience.


Directly from Vodafone offices, without the need to travel to the site erected in the Klos area, Minister Gjiknuri was able to monitor in real time the performance of the Arbr road, through a direct link from the dron camera to the VR glasses. Live streaming of 4K video was made possible by the capacity of the Vodafone Gigabit network, capable of transmitting data in milliseconds without any disturbance despite distant distances.

“This is a step forward for the industry. This experience can prove that road concessions are working. We as a government are fully willing to cooperate and bring Albania to the new 5G network, making all business and individual benefits accessible to technological innovations, “said Mr. Gjiknuri.

The General Director of Vodafone Albania, Achilleas Kanaris said:

“Vodafone offers the capacity, global networking, expertise, innovation and interconnected solutions to accelerate and enable digital evolution. Vodafone is setting up Gigabit companies in all the markets where it operates, and Albania is on the same track of investment and technological development alongside other major European markets such as Germany, Italy, Spain and so on. The Gigabit Network will revolutionize the market, business and customer experience. We call this new industrial revolution, where economic empowerment through technological innovations will change forever the way we live. “

Industries such as health, education, logistics, agriculture, transportation, energy and many others will change completely thanks to this digital revolution. Technology in a Gigabit society will enable greater automation of services, artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT) and Vodafone together with the government will work to bring these benefits to Albania as well. Vodafone is transforming into a Gigabit company, to lead this revolution.

News Source: Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy


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