515 employees only in one week through the Labor Office

515 employees only in one week through the Labor Office

Only through employment offices across the country has been made possible the employment of 515 persons in a week.

According to the figures generated by the Labor Offices in the country for the period 25 May to 31 May, the largest number of employment has been in the districts of Tirana, Durrës, Vlora and Fier.


In the district of Berat are counted a total of 32 employees, of which in the city of Berat is made possible the employment of 35 citizens, in Kuçova 2 and Skrapar 9.

In the district of Durrës were employed altogether 46 citizens, where the city of Durres was hired for a week by 37 citizens and in Kruja 9.

In the Fier district, the employment of 48 citizens was possible, where 11 citizens, Lushnje 33 and Mallakastër 4 were employed in Fier.

26 people were employed in Korça County. In the city of Korca 14 citizens, in Devoll 2, Kolonjë 3 and Pogradec 7.

In the district of Dibra were employed altogether 12 persons, of whom 7 citizens were employed in the town of Dibra, Mat 1 and Bulqiza 4.

In the Elbasan district, 26 citizens were hired. In the city of Elbasan were employed a total of 18 citizens, in Gramsh 4, in Librazhd 1 and Peqin 3.

In total, 10 people were employed in the Gjirokastra district, resulting in 4 employees in Gjirokastra and in Përmet 6.

Kukes Region counts a total of 40 employees, of which 30 in Kukes, 2 in Tropoja and 8 in Has.

Lezha County hired a total of 35 citizens in the period 25-31 May. In Kurbin were employed 7 citizens, in Lezha 20 and in Mirdita 8 persons.

In the district of Shkodra were employed 72 citizens, of whom in Malësia e Madhe 10 citizens, in Puka 1 and in Shkodra 71 persons.

In the district of Tirana were employed 95 persons in Tirana alone.

In the Vlora district, 73 people were employed during this week, of which 22 in Saranda and 51 in Vlora.

This year, the government is funding vocational training for those who come from economic aid, or those who need professional training with a payment that is higher than the average for economic aid.

The government’s objective is to overcome the number of over 25,000 employed persons.

News Source: ATA

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