13 new services for payment of taxes on business taxes and duties – eAlbania

13 new services for payment of taxes on business taxes and duties – eAlbania

New services complement the wide range of dedicated business services on the government portal, especially the e-services previously provided by the GDT with a digital stamp.

On the e-Albania portal, you can find 13 new paid electronic payment services of the General Directorate of Taxes (GDT), designed and invested by NAIS.

Over the past few months, GDT services for digital signage businesses have been among the most widely used in addition to other e-Albania electronic services. They have come to tremendous help to this part of the population, for which years the ranks have not been separated. It can be considered fearlessly as one of the recent successes since the business has real-time access to, for example, status verification whether it is active or passive, including its date, or provides real-time certification of the throughput for the last three years, a very important document for a number of documentary procedures required during routine, but extremely important state procedures. Business certifications are downloaded over 56,000 times by businesses, bringing a time saving of 14,000 hours waiting in queues (averaged 15 minutes waiting time in the counter) .


The services specifically relate to the payment of various fees, taxes, fees and charges that must be paid by the business. Online payments for these obligations will ease the day-to-day business of doing business, cut off more time, and help businesses have another channel for repaying tax liabilities to the state. Electronic services that the Albanian state offers today for businesses are reaching a higher level than in the developed Western countries.

Through the new DPT e-services, businesses can make online a variety of payments like:  

  1. Global Obligations / Penalties
  2. Personal Income Taxes Small Business
  3. Taxation of Games of Chance
  4. National Fees
  5. Tax at source
  6. The value added tax 
  7. Simplified Profit Tax
  8. Income Tax on Employment
  9. National Charges
  10. Income tax
  11. Rent Mining
  12. Personal Income Tax 
  13. Contributions to Social and Health Insurance

These e-services allow taxpayers to make online payments, which they have so far performed at bank counters. 

The following weeks and months are expected to add about 80 new services to the portal, such as customs authorizations, residence certificates for taxpayers, applications for intellectual property, and so on.

News Source: eAlbania

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